Rutherfordton Presbyterian Church 

Annual Report 2016 

Table of Contents 

Pastor’s Report…………………………………. Page 3 

Essential Planning Report…………………….…Pages 4 

Youth Ministry Report…………………………..Page 5 

Christian Growth & Nurture Report…………….Pages 6-7 

Fellowship Committee Report…………………. Page 8 

Laura Falls Committee Report…………………. Page 9 

Membership Committee Report…………………Page 10 

Nominating Committee Report………………… Page 11 

Outreach Committee Report…………………….Pages 12 

Personnel and Operations Committee Report…...Page 13 

Property Committee Report……………………. Page 14 

Worship Committee Report……………………. Page 15 

Finance/Stewardship Committee Report……….. Page 16 

Current Estimated Gift Giving Report. . . . . . . . . Page 17 

2016 Pastor’s Report 

I told them that the hand of our God has been gracious upon us. Then they said, “Let us start building!“ So they committed themselves to the common good, saying, “The God of heaven is the one who will give us success, and we his servants are going to start building.” 

(Paraphrased from Nehemiah 2.18-20) 

In my 2015 Pastor’s Report, I stated that “with the demolition of the Youth House complete, we are ready to ‘press on toward the goal’ of creating facilities that will meet the needs of our congregation and assist us in faithful ministry well into the future.” 

I went on to say that our “building project is not something that would ‘be nice to do.’ It is a necessity if we are to continue to grow and minister effectively in the years ahead. For far too long we have been satisfied with ‘just getting by’ with our existing facilities. Now is the time for us to move forward. In a day when so many churches in our denomination are in decline, we have been able to continue to grow and develop effective ministries. . . . In response to God’s blessings and call, we must step out in faith and equip ourselves to minister in the most effective way possible. Part of that equipping process includes having facilities that enable us to serve the Lord efficiently and to the best of our abilities.” 

So, here we are a year later and we have indeed moved forward with our plans. Our architect has developed a master plan and drawings for the construction of a new fellowship hall, kitchen, and nursery. We have been preparing for our capital campaign since last summer and are ready to make presentations to the congregation this next week. Please carefully consider this project we have entitled Our Future and prayerfully seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit as to how we should proceed. As always, may all that we say and do in this matter be pleasing in God’s sight and together may we commit ourselves to the service of Christ Jesus our Lord and the common good of our congregation. 

To God be the Glory! 


2017 Committee Goals 

Fellowship: To incorporate our congregation in fellowship together by planning three or more luncheons after our Sunday services throughout the year. We feel this is a good time to get to know our church families in a more relaxed atmosphere and fellowship with one another. 

Finance: Increase participation by Church members in Estimated Gift Giving program. 

Growth & Nurture: Promote and track attendance/participation in the events and activities for which it is responsible. 

Laura Falls: To effectively disburse the available funds in order to help the most people possible. 

Membership: Review, revise and publish the process we use to identify and contact visitors. Review of the church membership rolls. 

Outreach: Hold another fund appeal for the Scofield School to help with recruiting and paying for teachers. We will also schedule two workdays with Habitat and others with the Housing Partnership as needed. We plan to continue our support of local ministries such as Yokefellow and St. Gabriel’s soup kitchen. 

Personnel: Analyze all church salaries, relative to fairness and consistency with other similar positions in our community. 

Property: Maintain plantings and ensure routine maintenance of the church grounds. Upgrade grass situation for the Memorial Garden. 

Strategic Planning: Continue with the Church’s priorities for the physical property. After a successful capital campaign, assist in obtaining a qualified builder to begin the process of new construction and renovation. 

Worship: Continue to increase the number of members of the congregation participating in the worship services. 

Youth Annual Report 2016 

The Youth of Rutherfordton Presbyterian Church continue to enjoy times of fellowship, service activities, and good discussion. We have six youth that attend regularly, often bringing friends, as well as several others who participate when they are able. We have a great group of young people who genuinely support each other and never fail to have a fun time together. We were able to take four of our youth for a week long conference in Montreat this year. This is the first time the youth have been to Montreat and it was a great success; they are already looking forward to going again this summer! Here are some highlights of our year: 

Fellowship Service Faith 

Snow Tubing Souper Bowl of Caring MONTREAT 

Hiking School Supply Drive Sunday School 

Escape Room Food for Backpacks Youth 

Trampoline Center Operation Christmas Child VBS 

Highlights for 2016 Christian Growth & Nurture 

* The Committee met three times in 2016 

o At the March 15 meeting the activities of the committee were reviewed 

* Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Youth Group, Lenten and Advent Bible Studies, Easter Egg Hunt, Confirmation classes, new members’ class and gifts of Bibles to graduates. 

* Each of the Sunday School leaders was asked to write a blurb of what the class does and who can join. Dan uploaded them to the website. 

* Nancy Bayley is updating bulletin boards. 

* The team agreed to meet as needed. Next meeting is August 16. 

o At the August 16 meeting 

* Sunday School blurbs were updated for the fall. 

* The Easter Egg Hunt and Vacation Bible School were reported on 

* Rally Day was planned and was held on September 11th with 52 people in attendance as a kick off for the Sunday School year. Fred and Nancy Bayley and Mary Beth Francis and Jill Scott did the majority of the work with other team members helping provide the food and clean up for the 10 AM activity. Dr. Scofield spoke about the importance of SS and teachers spoke briefly about what is happening. 

* The team adopted a Child Safety Policy and recommended to the Session. 

* Graduates were presented gift Bibles. 

* Dr. Scofield held confirmation class and a new members’ class, and held Lenten Bible Study 

o At the November 1 meeting 

* A review of the Rally Day for improvements was discussed. 

* The committee reviewed the budget and made recommendations. 

* We agreed to keep the same budget requests for 2017 and will monitor the budget as we move forward. 

* It was decided upon recommendation from Mary Beth and Nancy that the children’s program for January, February and March be a 10 AM mission focus and then after children’s sermon in the worship service, all K-5 go downstairs for Sunday School. More people will be enlisted to assist with the three weeks each month of the program. On the first Sunday of each month the K-5 will stay in the worship service to learn about the worship service and communion. This will be reviewed in February, March to determine if we will continue it. More children are currently participating in children’s sermon and worship than are attending Sunday School. So, this is an attempt at meeting their needs differently. 

* We will be making a concerted effort to publicize the activities we support. Nancy’s Bulletin Boards will be one place but other things may be used such as Sunday School announcements, bulletin inserts, etc. Also we will begin tracking Sunday School attendance beginning in January monthly to set goals for the future. 

* Advent Bible Study will be conducted on Tuesday’s beginning the first week of Advent in November and the same book will be used in Dr. Scofield’s Sunday School Class that he teaches. 

* Next meeting is Sunday morning March 19 at 9 AM to plan Vacation Bible School for a concerted effort to plan and publicize VBS for the summer of 2017. 

o Accomplishments: 

* Quarterly updates on the website of the content of the Sunday School lessons 

* Innovation in delivery of children’s programming 

* Regular activities of the committee completed for 2016 

Fellowship Committee 

The Fellowship Committee has been quite active in 2016. We started the year by celebrating our minister, Don Scofield’s fifteenth anniversary at Rutherfordton Presbyterian. We honored him at Winter Fest on January 10th with a covered dish lunch, a cake in his honor, and donations in his honor to our Building Fund. The amount given came to $90,000.00 plus dollars. 

We had a covered dish lunch on April 24th and again on October 9th. On November 13th we had a catered Thanksgiving lunch. 

Our goal is to gather in a Christian atmosphere and fellowship together. Our lunches have been very well attended. 

Committee members include: 

Ann Deviney – chairman 

Jan Rosenbaum – co chairman 

Diane Callahan – decorations chairman 

Other committee members are: Ann Smawley, Reva Biddix, and Joyce Hood. 

Laura Falls Committee 

The 2017 goal for the Laura Falls Committee is to effectively disburse the available funds in order to help the most people possible. 

Laura Falls Committee began the 2016 year with $854.00. $55.00 was contributed by members of our church, giving us a total of $909.00. Of these funds we spent $500.00 to help two different families. By the end of December $409.00 was still available. 

Reid Lane 

Chairman of Laura Falls 

Membership Ministry 

In 2016, Dan Mrozkowski continued the fine work he began the previous year with our church website and Facebook pages. The website serves as a general information source for members and potential members. This is the place to direct anyone seeking information about our services and ministries. You can find us on our web site at or on Facebook at “Rutherfordton Presbyterian Church.” 

Nominating Committee 

The committee nominated the following members for the Class of 2019, elected at our congregational meeting held on November 7, 2015: 

Class of 2019 


Lee Harrill 

Joyce Hood 

John Martin 

Carlisle Whitlock 


Vickie Beard 

Dick Craft 

Dorothy Lane 

Ann Smawley 

Class of 2018 


Nancy Bayley 


Kay Young

Outreach Committee 

The Outreach committee worked on several projects during the year. We worked with the Rutherford Housing Partnership to relocate a handicap ramp and we had 2 workdays with Habitat for Humanity, one in the spring and one in the fall. The Right Hand teams had several contacts with people in need. As a church we aided the local homeless shelter to obtain air-conditioners for their facility as well as contributing to Yokefellow, St. Gabriel’s soup kitchen, and the Rutherford Housing Partnership. Our largest project dollar-wise was our fundraising for the Scofield School in Kenya. We sent over $6,000.00 to help with paying teachers. This will hopefully be an annual project. We also had a special offering for the Black Mountain Home as well as several smaller donations to individuals in need. Thank you for your continued support. 


This year the Outreach Committee will have another fund appeal for the Scofield School to help with recruiting and paying for teachers. We will also schedule 2 workdays with Habitat and others with Housing Partnership as needed. We have used most of our Right Hand teams and should schedule another training session for volunteers. We plan to continue our support of local ministries such as Yokefellow and St. Gabriel’s soup kitchen. 

Personnel Committee & Operations Report 

Members of Committee: Johnny Watson, Rob Martelle 

Lindsey Martelle left for college in the summer of 2016 and Polly Leach assumed her duties. We would like to thank the church staff for their hard work. Thanks, also, to the volunteers who help Renita in the church office. 

The Committee discussed and recommended staff compensation for 2017. 

Rob Martelle, 


Property 2016 

The Property Committee had a busy & productive year in 2016. We are very happy to have hired Keith Hawkins of Hawkins Landscaping to help with our yard work. We have been very pleased with the job he has done. We had a problem with the tree limbs falling on and taking out the phone line that goes to our elevator. We contracted Carolina Tree Service and had this problem taken care of. Also, we had Jr. Bates renovate the round window above the front doors. Speaking of the front doors, we hope you have noticed our other project which was refinishing the front doors, thanks to a very special gift given to our church for this purpose. 

In addition to the above, other various improvements have been made: replacing the hot water heater, replacing the light over the safe, having the church inspected for asbestos & lead, over all structure checked by an engineer, sponsored a cleanup day, as well as a sundry list of small repairs to maintain the overall fine appearance of our grounds and buildings. We rented the old bank building this year, bringing in more income. 

Finally I want to thank all the members of the Property Committee for their support and help throughout the year. 

George Moyer 

Scott Denning 

Andy Callahan 

Karl Trumpler 

Craig Sargent 

Happy New Year 2017, 

Johnny Watson 

Worship Committee 

Brenda Winker & Marian Moyer, Co-Chairs 

Committee Members: Brenda Winker, Usher Coordinator; Marian Moyer, Communion Coordinator, Jacqueline Hamilton, Paraments Coordinator; Lorna Putnam, Jennifer Long, Janis Rosenbaum, Lay Scripture Reader Coordinator; Susan Allred, Prayer Vigil Coordinator; Anne Strupp, All Saints Day Coordinator; Dorothy Lane, Ann Deviney, Bart Long, Joan Routh, Kay Latham, Lynda Carver, and Judie Shapiro 

The Worship Committee met January 16th, March 13th, and September 19th to assist Pastor Don in planning and executing Worship Services. 

A general list of the committee’s responsibilities follows with some details of the current year. 

1. Prepared Communion and recruited elders to serve Communion on the first Sunday of each month and for the following special services: Easter, Christmas Eve 5:30 and 11:00 services, Ash Wednesday Service, and Maundy Thursday Service. Fortunately several members volunteered to assist us in making homemade Communion bread in 2016! 

2. Changed paraments based on the liturgical calendar. 

3. Prepared and mailed usher volunteer lists along with responsibilities. 

4. Prepared and mailed lay Scripture readers lists to volunteers. 

5. Provided flower arrangements for the special occasions which consist of roses for new births, palms for Palm Sunday, Easter lily for Easter, and poinsettia for Christmas and designated the recipients of the Easter and Christmas honor and memory of donations. 

6. Planned and prepared All Saints Day Service. 

7. The Choir Director, choir members, soloists, pianists, and other musicians provided music for the Worship Services. The choir met and practiced on Wednesday evenings and is currently using a more current Presbyterian hymnal as well as other sources for special music. The choir presented very special music programs for Easter and Christmas. 

8. The Handbell Choir and Simply Brass provided special music for our services. 

* Handbell Choir consists of up to 12 adults and youth. They performed on two occasions, one in celebration of Easter and one in celebration of Christmas. 

* Simply Brass performed a number of times this year for our congregation as well as performing at the Tryon and Banner Elk Presbyterian churches. 

* Our Handbell Choir maintains and uses the handbells and chimes from Forest City Presbyterian Church in addition to our own hand-bells. 

9. Organized two prayer vigils. This year the congregation was provided a Prayer Guide that contained prayer concerns and Scripture lessons for each special season of prayer. 

10. Encouraged more voluntary participation in worship, both individually and corporately. 

We strive to honor and glorify God through our Worship Services and we appreciate each and every member of our congregation. We especially thank those who currently volunteer in the different areas of worship as well as those who have participated in previous years. We welcome any new volunteers for the coming year. You will be blessed to be a blessing! 

Respectfully submitted, 

Brenda Winker, Co-Chair Worship Committee 

Finance/Stewardship Committee Report 2016-2017 


This last year was one of continued stabilization and turn around in the financial position of the church. 

At the end of the year the general offerings exceeded the budget by $4,806. Expenses came in under-budget by $723.00 for the year. 

We were able to finish the year with a net surplus of $6,923. This is the fourth year in a row of surplus funds since the economic downturn. 


In December, 2016 the committee finalized the 2017 budget and presented it to the Session for approval at the December meeting. 

There is a 2% payroll increase for all employees in the 2017 budget. 

All other committees project little or no increases in expenses for 2017. 

The budget may be altered by the finance committee with approval of the Session. No significant changes are expected. 

Current Estimated Gift Giving 

The Finance Committee would like to thank the congregation for their response and show of support for the wellbeing of the church and the continuation of God’s work in our community and the world. 

This year the committee will consist of the following members: 

Carlisle Whitlock- Committee Chairman 

Don Lesher 

John Martin 

John Talley- Church Treasurer in support 

If you are interested in serving on the committee, please contact Carlisle Whitlock.